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Which path is the Jew to follow? Is he to strive towards heaven and keep himself aloof from worldly events? Or is he, like Isaiah, to find his spiritual home in the things of the earth?
Rashi explains the phrase “He found them in a desert region,”Devarim 32:10. to mean that G-d found the Jewish people to be “faithful to Him in the desert, for they took upon themselves His Torah, kingdom and yoke.” Why does Rashi specify three things with...
The Ramban once had a student, Rav Avner, who converted to Catholicism and assimilated into Spanish society. Soon he rose to the highest ranks of the nobility. Once he summoned his former teacher to appear before him on Yom Kippur. Fearful of the possible...
Everybody was busy preparing for Sukkos. Mindy and Mashi were moving the table and chairs into their sukkah. Mendy and Mordechai were helping their father put on the schach. Next door, the Kleins were hammering and drilling their sukkah boards. “Look, Min...
Adapted fromLikkutei Sichos, Vol. I, p. 415;Vol. IX, p. 204; Vol. XX, p. 266 Two Prophets, Two Modes of Expression The word haazinu, generally translated as “listen,” literally means “give ear.” In that vein, our SagesSifri, commenting on Deuteronomy 32:1...
One Yom Kippur, Avner sent guards to the synagogue, ordering the Ramban to appear before him. In his palace, before the eyes of his former teacher and master, Avner slaughtered a pig, roasted it and ate it on this holiest of fast days.
The Jewish people’s faith in G‑d transcended structure, order, or limitations.
Deuteronomy 32:1–52
The tenth section of the Book of Deuteronomy is composed almost entirely of the Poem of Testimony that G d taught Moses and instructed him to teach the Jewish people. In it, G d bids the Jewish people to hearken (Ha’azinu, in Hebrew) to His words as He re...
"צור ילדתך תשי ותשכח א-ל מחללך" “You forgot the rock Who gave birth to you and forgot G‑d Who brought you forth.” (32:18) QUESTION: Why does Moshe mention the Jews’ forgetting of Hashem twice? ANSWER: There was once a person who owed money to many credito...
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