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Dayenu: (lit. "it is enough for us"); the refrain in a song in the Haggadah recounting the kindnesses G-d bestowed upon the People of Israel after the Exodus
"It would have been sufficient..."
Dayenu (“it would have sufficed us”) is a song of gratitude sung toward the end of Maggid, when the story of the Exodus is recounted during the Passover Seder. In each stanza, we recall another kindness that G‑d performed for our ancestors and proclaim th...
The Haggadah in Depth, Part 19
This in-depth analysis of the varying levels of the many favors the Al-Mighty preformed for us at the time our nascent nation rose out of the bowels of another, opens with overarching insight about the well-known Haggadah hymn “Dayeinu, it would have suff...
The Haggadah in Depth, Part 18
Following the recap and analysis of the plagues, a multi-layered enumeration of the many favors the Almighty bestowed upon us is presented. We are now introduced to the iconic Seder song-of-praise "Dayeinu", with it’s the famous refrain “it would have suf...
Understanding this Haggadah Classic on 5 Levels
One of the most popular passages we sing in the Haggadah is ‘Dayein’, which are fifteen reasons we are grateful to G-d for all the good He did for us with the Exodus. Learn the deeper meaning of this classic.
Being Myself with G-d is "Dayenu"
Today I am no longer in need of something exterior to make me realize that I am okay. Knowing that G-d is with me is Dayenu! It is enough!
Part 4
The Hagaddah relates that if G-d brought us to Mount Sinai and didn’t give us the Torah "Dayanu" -- "we would have been satisfied".
Do you know your Maoz Tzur from your Dayenu?
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