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Parshat Zachor

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Parshat Zachor: (lit. "portion of rememberance"); portion of Torah concerning the mitzvah to remember what Amalek did to the Jewish people, read on the Shabbat before Purim.
There’s lots of hoopla attached to the Shabbat prior to Purim, as it's host to a special Torah reading said to be biblically mandated. Yet, it's common knowledge that public Torah readings are rabbinically ordained – so how could it possibly be an actual ...
A quick thought on the curious custom to read about the evil Amalekites before Purim
Halachic and chassidic insights
We are commended to remember how the nation of Amalek attacked our people following the Exodus. What is the spiritual meaning behind this mitzvah?
Life Lessons from Parshat Tzav
The daily burnt offering in the Holy Temple is singled out with special encouragement in the Torah, and contains timely messages on commitment and passion in a Jew’s service.
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