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Tractate Yoma

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Tractate Yoma: lit. day of. Tractate of the Talmud which concerns itself with the sacrificial worship of Yom Kippur; accordingly, it serves as a source for much of our information concerning the structure of the Temple.
Discovering Talmudic Principles
This three-part Talmud series will be exploring and analyzing the eighth chapter of tractate Yoma, focusing on the principles of ‘chatzi-shiur’ (half measure)—namely, the halachic status of prohibitions performed with less than the quantity normally requi...
Talmudic Tales: The Miraculous R. Chanina ben Dosa
In this mystifying tale of the Talmud we encounter the miraculous personage of Rabbi Chanina ben Dosa, who prays for the rain to cease. Learn the hidden meaning to this seemingly bizarre story.
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