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Tzivot Hashem

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Tzivot Hashem: “The army of G-d”; a Jewish children’s club established by the Lubavicher Rebbe in 1980
An address to children on Sukkos: Unlike other nations, who parade with a rifle, a Jew parades with a lulav. And instead of bullets, a Jew arms himself with an esrog. Instead of brandishing daggers or swords, a Jew carries hadassim (myrtles) and aravos (w...
Chabad’s children’s organization is called Tzivos Hashem, “Army of G‑d.” Isn’t this glorifying militarism and war?
Jewish girls are equal members in Tzivos Hashem. Even though in Torah the “army” is not a place for women, when it comes to a battle of life and death – and the battle against the evil inclination is a battle of survival – the law is different. In that ca...
Soldiers spend most of their time training and carrying out missions. Periodically, they assemble at a parade, where their performance is checked, and medals are awarded.
18 Tishrei, 5750 · October 17, 1989
Every Jewish boy and girl is chosen by G-d to be His “soldier”. Their duty is to banish the Evil Inclination, and influence the entire world to follow the Good Inclination alone.
The Rebbe addresses a children's rally: The subject of your new contest is Jewish Unity. The present month, Cheshvan, is when King Solomon and the Jewish People completed the First Holy Temple. It is an auspicious month for Jews to unite together to merit...
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