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Torah Or

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Torah Or: (lit. “the Torah is Light”); a classic collection of chassidic discourses by the Alter Rebbe
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Scholarship is usually associated with literacy and text, but in the Jewish tradition, oral discourse has always played at least an equal role. Text is static. It is both limited and limiting. But a conversation is fluid and the possibilities are endless....
Chassidic Discourses by the Alter Rebbe
Text-based study of Chassidic discourses of the Alter Rebbe from the sefer Torah Ohr.
What is G-d’s home?
An overview of the key ideas presented in the first Maamar in Torah Ohr (chassidc teachings of the Alter Rebbe), which begins with the verse “Hashamyim Kis’ee” (The heavens are my throne).
Classic Chassidic Discourses by Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi
Selected discourses from the founder of the Chabad Chasidic philosophy's great works: Torah Ohr and Likkutei Torah. This edition focuses on Rabbi Schneur Zalman`s insights on the festivals. It has been the custom for Chasidim to study the discourses in To...
Diachronic perspectives on the leadership and oral teachings of Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi
A new anthology sheds new light on the historical development of his leadership, the crystallization of his ideology, and the impact of Rabbi Shlomo of Karlin and Rabbi Avraham of Kalisk on the emergence of Chabad.
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