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A taste of Shazak Parsha, where the weekly Torah portion comes alive! Geared for kids... Great for adults!
Something Spiritual on Parshat Massei
Torah Interpretations of the Rebbe
Decoding the hidden messages
The parshah of Massei contains 132 verses, and the mnemonic for it are the words Machlah and Choleh. Explore the coded message in this Masoretic note and its connection to the general themes of the Parshah.
A Taste of Text—Massei
The six constants that apply to every Jew, at all times and in all circumstances, are readily accessible to one who seeks refuge from his failings.
Practical Parshah - Massei
In listing the places where the Jews encamped, we learn alternative names for locations named for idols. What is the law about mentioning the name of a false deity?
Week In Rejew: Matot-Massei
The Itche Kadoozy show celebrates its 42nd season on the air, and Jono shows us some vintage clips from the very first season of the IKS.
Learning Likutei Sichos vol. 18, Massei - Bein HaMetzarim
It is customary to study about the Beis Hamikdash and the details of its construction during the Three Weeks. Discover how this is a way to actually fulfill the mitzvah nowadays of building the Beis Hamikdash. We see this in the passing of Aharon in this ...
Learning Likutei Sichos vol. 18, Masei sicha 2
Why the Jews didn't need to dip their dairy dishes in a mikveh after they received the Torah and other insights into immersing kitchenware.
Learning Likutei Sichos vol. 18, Massei (sicha 1)
Every failure is a potential portal to greatness.
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