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Shtetl: (Yiddish, lit. “village”) the Eastern European townships where many Jews lived in the previous centuries
The beginnings of shtetl life go back hundreds of years, to before the 17th century.
Working the Earth, Looking to Heaven
Newly discovered documents shed new light on the genesis and history of Schedrin, a storied agricultural and spiritual settlement.
Jewish life in Poland. Rabbi Moshe Isserless. The Maharsha. Rabbi Shlomo Luria. Rabbi Joel Sirkes and Rabbi Meir of Lublin. Va'ad Arba Aratzos. Jewish economic activity. The shtetl. The Maharal of Prague. Other Torah centers.
Artist’s Statement: Market Day in Shtetl Zabludoff in old Poland, based on the stories of Sholom Aleichem and Isaac Bashevis Singer. In memory of the burned, destroyed Jewish shtetls that give me no rest . . .
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