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Shiva: (lit. seven) The seven day mourning period following the funeral of a deceased next of kin.
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Part 1
Insights on the traditions of Jewish burial and the subsequent mourning period.
A mourner is forbidden to work during shivah & not to bathe, annoint, wear leather shoes and have relations
Laws of comforting the mourners - A mourner is forbidden to work shivah
When mourning begins - Laws of the meal of condolence
On which relatives one mourns - When mourning begins
Laws of mourning on Shabbat and on a festival - Laws of festivals that cancel shivah and shloshim
Not to grieve too much - Laws of part of the 7th day, the 30 day, and the 12 months
A mourner is forbidden to marry, and the laws of a groom or bride that became mourners - When the mourner may leave his home
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