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Jewish Personalities of Medieval England: Rabbi Elijah of London
Rabbi Elijah of London, a fascinating Talmudist, Halachist, financier and physician. Exploring some of his Halachic rulings and business dealings.
Reflections on the Jacob Barnet affair in light of a legal ruling attributed to Maimonides
Analyzing the fascinating story of Jacob Barnet, a respected Jew in Oxford in 1612, who had initially agreed to convert to Christianity, in-order to become a faculty member at Oxford, but subsequently changed his mind.
An overview of each of some sephardic rishonim.
An overview of four major rishonim from Provence.
Names, locations and time periods of 25 major rishonim.
Life in Ashkenazic communities was peaceful up until the times of the Crusades, thereby enabling the Jews to develop both in Torah and material wellbeing.
Spanish Jewry produced dazzling Torah scholars, poets who wrote some of the most inspiring sacred pieces of the liturgy, philosophers whose writings remain as classic as when they were written, and grammarians who laid down the basic rules of Hebrew.
Growth of Jewish communities in France, Germany, Italy and Spain.
The Rishonim led the Torah world from 1000-1500 CE, during which time Jewish life underwent enormous changes.
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