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A Taste of Text—Behaalotecha
Lighting up another means helping to ignite his latent abilities by appreciating his unique role and mission in this world.
Soul Boost for Parshat Behaalotecha
Extreme humility is sometimes confused with low self-esteem. For Moses, these were as different as day and night.
Parsha Curiosities: Behaalotecha
Discover the secret story of the Mosaic Trumpets signaling Sinai sojourns.
Parshat Behaalotcha
How often do we will away time, counting down till vacation and fuming while caught in traffic? Here’s an alternate perspective.
Parshah Curiosities: Behaalotecha
An intriguing overview of the biblical account of the Sinai desert journeys led by the Ark of G-d segues into two of the most famous yet least understood verses in the entire Chumash. It was with this formula that Moses prayerfully petitioned G-d for our ...
Something Spiritual on Parshat Behaalotecha
Why Judaism is alive and vibrant today!
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