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Raish Lakish

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Raish Lakish: (3rd century) Talmudic sage, resident of Tiberias, Israel. He possessed extraordinary physical strength and was originally the chief of a gang of robbers. He was inspired by Rabbi Johanan to return to the path of Torah, and became Rabbi Johanan's brother-in-law and student—and with time, his colleague.
How on earth can sins become merits? Sins are despicable deeds in the eyes of the One who made you. So, now you regret them. How can your regret today reach back and transform something written solidly in the record of the past?
Measuring the ‘Half’, Lesson 2
This class explores the principles of ‘chatzi-shiur’ (half measure)—namely, the halachic status of prohibitions performed with less than the quantity proscribed by Torah law. A fascinating debate originating from the Talmudic discussion on Yom Kippur. We’...
Although most sages lived in Babylonia, there still was a sizable Torah community in Eretz Israel.
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