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Our Sidra includes the details of the procedure through which a Sotah had to pass: That is, a woman suspected by her husband of adultery in a case where there were no witnesses. A phrase used in this context, “if any man’s wife goes aside,” is quoted by t...
This week’s Torah reading concludes the census of the tribe of Levi. When taking a census, everyone - those on the highest spiritual rungs and those on the lowest levels - count equally. No one is given greater priority than anyone else. This is true, not...
Did you notice all the hustle and bustle in and out of shul on Shavuos ? On the first day, many people, even mothers and babies, came in to hear the reading of the Ten Commandments. On the second day, after the Torah reading, many children and adults went...
Adapted from Sefer HaSichos 5750, p. 493ff Why Rav Yosef Would Celebrate When describing the new dimension of Divine service brought about by the giving of the Torah, the TalmudPesachim 68b. states that Rav Yosef would hold a unique celebration, because: ...
Let’s stop mansplaining, womansplaining, or peoplesplaining, and start seeing the inherent worth in all of G‑d’s creations.
Numbers 4:21–7:89
In the second section of the Book of Numbers, the narrative begins as G‑d instructs Moses to complete his count (Naso, in Hebrew) of the Levite clans. The Torah then records certain laws pertaining to the purification process that the Jews needed to under...
Doesn’t it sometimes feel like life is full of mistakes? Guilt and more guilt. Falling and somehow pulling yourself back up. But could there be anything positive about that?
"והתודו את חטאתם אשר עשו והשיב את אשמו בראשו וחמישתו יסף עליו ונתן לאשר אשם לו" “They shall confess the sin that they committed; he shall make restitution for his guilt in its principal amount and add its fifth to it, and give it to the one to whom he is ...
Dina is sixteen years old, and it seems like everyone in her life is always trying to change her.
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