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Miriam Karp

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Miriam Karp is an award-winning writer, artist, Judaic studies teacher and lecturer. Her paintings explore intimate moments in Jewish life. Her first book, Painting Zaidy’s Dream: A Memoir of a Searching Soul, shares her story of search. Miriam lives in Cincinnati with her husband and family.
We sat around the kitchen table, sipping tea, noshing and chatting. We even broke out a bottle of wine to make a l’chaim. We’d gathered to celebrate Marsha’s birthday, learn Torah and hang out a bit. But as we read and discussed a talk of the Rebbe, the m...
Too much of our world seems dense and impervious to any glimmer or shard of light. But that nucleus remains. In each of our souls. In each kernel of creation.
Rebbetzin Menucha Rochel was a beloved and revered foundation of the Hebron community for 43 years.
A wiry man with a neatly trimmed graying beard, Sam was pacing back and forth in the small hospital room when I knocked. He greeted my, “Hi, I’m Chaplain Miriam” with friendly intensity and dove right into his story, his challenges.
When that certain blaring tone is heard in the hospital halls, when the screens are broadcasting those ominous words “Code Blue,” I drop everything and hurry. As the on-call student chaplain, I’m part of the emergency team that responds to a patient who’s...
Meet Bassie Shemtov, Founder of The Friendship Circle
There’s a famous story in the Talmud about a man who implored G‑d to end a severe drought. Choni the Circle Maker drew a circle around himself and refused to leave until the desperately needed rain fell. Bassie Shemtov is another kind of circle-maker, cre...
On a crisp spring morning, I found myself in a lovely, almost surreal setting: an upscale cafe in a quaint, artsy village in Mishkenot Sha'ananim, the first Jewish neighborhood built outside the Old City in late 1860. I sat both matter of factly and full ...
Since we were clearly visitors, people made room for us and guided us to the front so we could see through large, tinted windows.
The intense, meditative prayers and feelings as two feminine figures unite, a Jewish woman with her heartfelt prayer, and the Shechina, G-ds feminine indwelling presence which hovers at the wall, uplifting and comforting Her children.
Recently, a paratrooper sent a message to a friend who was about to serve in Hebron. “There’s a lady you’ll always see at the post with cookies and treats, a Chabad lady; she’s really nice and caring. There’s nothing better you can do than go to the Beit ...
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