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Miriam Karp

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Miriam Karp is an award-winning writer, artist, Judaic studies teacher and lecturer. Her paintings explore intimate moments in Jewish life. Her first book, Painting Zaidy’s Dream: A Memoir of a Searching Soul, shares her story of search. Miriam lives in Cincinnati with her husband and family. Visit her website here.
The intense, meditative prayers and feelings as two feminine figures unite, a Jewish woman with her heartfelt prayer, and the Shechina, G-ds feminine indwelling presence which hovers at the wall, uplifting and comforting Her children.
Recently, a paratrooper sent a message to a friend who was about to serve in Hebron. “There’s a lady you’ll always see at the post with cookies and treats, a Chabad lady; she’s really nice and caring. There’s nothing better you can do than go to the Beit ...
Chanukah is coming. And I’m excited. I’m also seeing it in a new light. (I know, bad pun.) By the time the delicious, intense floodwaters of the Tishrei holidays receded—with all the sounds, smells, prayers, feelings, ideas, soulful songs, poignant prayer...
Two aspects of her fruitful life are particularly intriguing. She is a prolific author of both whimsical children’s and more reflective adult books. And some 24 years ago, she and her husband adopted and raised two infants with Down syndrome only 4½ month...
Trying to express and capture the intense emotion of reuniting when the soldiers liberated the Kotel during the Six Day War. War weary, helmet still on, he seems to thrust his arm and just reach to embrace as much as he can.
This was painted this July, the day that 13 year old Hallel Ariel was brutally murdered in her bed in Israel. The dove, the eternal symbol of our hope for peace, is nestled in the ancient, weary of such suffering, comforting stones of the Kotel, but his t...
Reb Mendel Futerfas, an esteemed elder chassid, was imprisoned in the wastelands of Siberia for 20 years for the crime of spreading Judaism, but his warm humor and fiery faith never faltered. His farbrengens, or Chassidic gatherings, where he mentored you...
Many would be tempted to wallow in self-pity or anger. But the couple has heroically risen to the challenge.
The moment of candle lighting is one of deep reflection. An expressive exploration of the mood of this special time.
A colorful expression of some of the rich impressions of the land of Israel. The tree represents our deep roots in the land, the wall it's ancient strength, and the myriad colors of the sunset as they fade into the rivers of color layers of desert.
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