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Muktzeh: (Aramaic, lit. “set aside”); an object that may not be moved or handled on Shabbat or the festivals
Muktzeh (lit., “set aside”) refers to items that may not be moved or handled on Shabbat, the Jewish day of rest. One of the most famous Shabbat-related rabbinical injunctions, muktzeh was instituted to preserve the state of restfulness of this sacred day....
On Shabbat we avoid handling objects associated with weekday activities, or whose handling may result in a Shabbat violation. Muktzah objects -- as they are called -- include money, matches, pens and tools.
Although the halachic authorities concur that electricity per se is not considered fire, it is nevertheless universally agreed upon that one may not operate electrical appliances on Shabbat. There are various reasons offered for this...
A brief summary of some of the Shabbat laws you are most likely to encounter, such as writing, shopping, carrying in the public domain, and business transactions
Myths and misconceptions have developed around this holy day. Ready to take a good look at them and set the record straight? Let’s go!
The rabbinic ordinances of techumin and muktzah
Shabbat presents certain challenges for pet owners, but many, many pet owners are also Shabbat-observant Jews, and becoming familiar with a few basic rules and concepts is all that is needed. There are four primary areas affected by the Shabbat laws: 1) F...
Ethics 2:4
Without even realizing it, he moved his hand to tilt the lamp! Suddenly he stopped himself in mid-air. “What am I doing?” he exclaimed...
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