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Vayikra: (lit. “And He called”); a) the Book of Leviticus; b) the first Torah reading in that book
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Korbanot (198)
Lyrics: There were many kinds of Korbonos Each animal - Tomim, complete The Shlomim, the peace offering Had parts for the Kohein to eat If there was a time that a person did Something that was wrong A Korbon either Chatos, or Ashom He brought before very ...
Lyrics: In the time of the mishkan And the Bais Hamikdosh too, Many korbonos were brought To Hashem by all the Jews Chorus: The Bais Hamikdosh is no more We have no korbonos as before Now we daven, now we pray With our siddur every day Moshe taught that t...
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