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Vayikra: (lit. “And He called”); a) the Book of Leviticus; b) the first Torah reading in that book
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Korbanot (198)
Lyrics: There were many kinds of Korbonos Each animal - Tomim, complete The Shlomim, the peace offering Had parts for the Kohein to eat If there was a time that a person did Something that was wrong A Korbon either Chatos, or Ashom He brought before very ...
Lyrics: In the time of the mishkan And the Bais Hamikdosh too, Many korbonos were brought To Hashem by all the Jews Chorus: The Bais Hamikdosh is no more We have no korbonos as before Now we daven, now we pray With our siddur every day Moshe taught that t...
An overview of the weekly Parshah, through the eyes of the many commentators, enriching your understanding of how our great history unfolded.
Experience the gems of the Parshah with the classic commentaries, and a kabbalistic twist.
The spiritual dimension of sacrifices: bringing oneself as a sacrifice; the topic of teshuvah.
The law of returning stolen property
Chp. 5 verses 14 - 26: The lecture opens with the sacrifice for Misappropriation. Continues with the offering for Questionable Guilt, "Asham." The portion ends with the offerings for Dishonesty. The necessity to return the stolen object and the addition o...
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