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Maot Chitim

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Maot Chitim: charity to help needy families for Passover
Donate to your local Passover charity fund!
It is age-old Jewish tradition to contribute generously towards funds that ensure that indeed everyone who is in need has the necessary provisions for the holiday—food, matzah, wine, festive clothing, etc.
Part 1: Preaching and Practicing
Education comes in many forms: First and foremost is to provide a living example. The best way to influence someone is by practicing what you preach. As we approach Passover, the call of the hour is to seek out those who cannot afford the holiday expenses...
Those in need receive food for the holiday from Maot Chitim fund
Russian Jewish individuals and families who received food packages as part of a large Maot Chitim project there are enjoying Passover with “fuller plates than ever,” according to the charity’s organizers. The Matan BeSeiser Fund of Moscow’s special Passov...
Maot Chitim funds provide for those unable to pay for holiday necessities
On the outside, the C. family appears unremarkable. Both parents leave their modest townhouse to go to work every morning, while their four children head off to the local Jewish day school. Yet behind closed doors, a very different story unfolds. The peel...
By the Grace of G‑d 3rd of lyar, 5722 [May 7, 1962] Brooklyn, N.Y. To the Students of Achei Tmimim Boston, Mass. Sholom uBrocho: I was pleased to be informed by Rabbi Ch. Ciment about those of you who actively participated in the Mo’os Chittim collection....
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