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Machzor: prayer book used on the High Holidays. (Some liturgical traditions also use specialized machzors for other holidays.)
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Perspectives on the High-Holiday Prayer
One of the most poignant moments of the High-Holiday prayers is the recital of the liturgical poem, Unessanneh Tokef. What is its significance? Who composed it, and under what circumstances?
Merging intimacy and awe in the High Holiday prayers
The High Holidays are often approached with fear, but a closer look reveals an inner core of divine intimacy along with human empowerment and illumination.
Unlocking the insights of a medieval manuscript in an Oxford library
One of the worlds oldest prayer books, housed in an Oxford library, provides new insight into the history of Jewish prayer.
To get you into the High Holiday spirit, enjoy this special presentation enacting highlights of the High Holidays prayer service as sung in many traditional synagogues. Featuring the Sasonkin brothers choir together with cantor Yisroel Goldfroind.
Whose Watery World Is It?
This rich chapter of Psalms is also recited at the conclusion of the evening prayers on the High Holidays following the Amidah. Discover its profound meaning and significance.
Make a beautiful cover out of duct tape for your machzor (High Holidays prayerbook).
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