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Machzor: prayer book used on the High Holidays. (Some liturgical traditions also use specialized machzors for other holidays.)
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Perspectives on the High-Holiday Prayer
One of the most poignant moments of the High-Holiday prayers is the recital of the liturgical poem, Unessanneh Tokef. What is its significance? Who composed it, and under what circumstances?
Merging intimacy and awe in the High Holiday prayers
The High Holidays are often approached with fear, but a closer look reveals an inner core of divine intimacy along with human empowerment and illumination.
Unlocking the insights of a medieval manuscript in an Oxford library
One of the worlds oldest prayer books, housed in an Oxford library, provides new insight into the history of Jewish prayer.
Verses to Stop the Satan Before Sounding the Shofar
Seeking to gratify G-d, King David pleads that his freewill offerings be reciprocated with Torah teachings. To appreciate Rashi's take, we frame his words with the classic commentaries, yet still come up short. Reaching across Scripture for kindred “give-...
Verses to Stop the Satan Before Sounding the Shofar
King David rejoiced in “G-d's word,” the meaning of which incorporates three possibilities: guarantee, wisdom or covenant. A range of commentary is employed to better understand what these ideals represent, and why this particular verse was selected to he...
The Prayer of Uv’Chen, Part 3
This third installment of our series continues to delve into deeper meanings of the premier liturgical insertion into the Amidah’s opening. The third “Uv’Chen of the special prayer injected into the blessing of Kedusha (Sanctification), requests a better ...
Verses to Stop the Satan Before Sounding the Shofar
In the pre-shofar acrostic arrangement, verse 122nd of Psalm 119, which begins with the letter Ayin, completes the word Kra. Here, calling himself G-d's servant, King David pleads for sublime surety. Midrash Tehillim‘s comments seem to be the foundation f...
The Prayer of Uv’Chen, Part 2
This class continues our profound analysis of the opening High Holiday liturgical insertion into the Amidah structure. We now examine the second Uv’Chen, which further sets the tone of the special prayerful formula that heralds the new year. Our initial p...
The Prayer of Uv’Chen, Part 1
A profoundly insightful presentation about the meanings and motifs of the first major addition of High Holiday liturgy injected into the carefully structured Amidah (a.k.a. Shemoneh Esrei), “Uv’Chen.” First we frame the location of this unusual insertion;...
Verses to Stop the Satan Before Sounding the Shofar
The universal custom is to recite the 160th verse of Psalm 119 as we continue our preparation for the Shofar blowing corresponding to the letter “Reish.” The Psalmists emphasis on the nature of truth for G-d's opening utterances is perplexing: is not ever...
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