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Maamar: lit. “word” or "essay." Often a reference to a formal discourse of Chassidic teachings delivered by a chassidic Rebbe.
More than just a teaching
When a maamar is spoken, something new and vital has entered the world. How are we to approach the maamar? How much of it are we capable of understanding? How is it meant to change us, and our world?
What is a maamar?
An introduction to the origin, structure and features of the genre known as the “chassidic discourse” or maamar.
Learning a Purim maamar of the Rebbe
A Chassidic discourse from the Lubavitcher Rebbe that uses the Purim story to explore the mystical secrets behind Golus, the spiritual "exile" of the Jewish people. (BaLaylah Hahu 5744)
A text-based series on the Rebbe’s insights into “Olam Haba”, the post-Messianic period of resurrection of the dead. (Maamer, L’hovin inyan techiyas hameisim, 5746)
After a while, the Rebbe took a break in the discourse, so with great excitement my grandfather got up and announced to all those gathered, “G-d has helped us! We have a Rebbe! Let us all say l’chaim to the new Rebbe!”
How the chasidut said by a Rebbe relates to each individual listener, creating a mystical transaction.
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