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Maamar: lit. “word” or "essay." Often a reference to a formal discourse of Chassidic teachings delivered by a chassidic Rebbe.
More than just a teaching
When a maamar is spoken, something new and vital has entered the world. How are we to approach the maamar? How much of it are we capable of understanding? How is it meant to change us, and our world?
What is a maamar?
An introduction to the origin, structure and features of the genre known as the “chassidic discourse” or maamar.
The mystical art of intimacy
"The Majestic Bride" is a breathtaking exploration of Kabbalistic wisdom on men, women, and relationships. It examines the mystical energies of love, relationships, masculinity, femininity, intimacy, and giving and receiving. Learn the deepest secrets of ...
A magnificent exploration of two dueling dynamics of the human condition: knowledge and faith. You'll learn about the secrets of the universe, examine where knowledge ends and faith begins, and discover how to bridge the gap between the known and the unkn...
Learn a Chassidic discourse of the Rebbe delivered on the last day of Pesach in 1952 that expounds upon the different levels of miracles in relation to nature.
Extracts from the last discourse distributed by the Rebbe before his passing, distilled and elaborated
On a Tuesday night in February, 1992, the Rebbe stood for several hours at the front of the main synagogue at Chabad-Lubavitch World Headquarters.
Learn a Chassidic discourse of the Rebbe delivered on Purim in 1953 that expounds upon the deeper meaning of the lottery (Haman drew), which is so central to the holiday of Purim.
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