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Hadas: myrtle, used during the festival of Sukkot for the mitzvah of the Four Species
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SECTION 650 The Required Measure of the Myrtle and Willow Twigs. (1–2) 1 The minimum length that is required for the myrtle and willow twigs is three handbreadths, In the original, tefachim; see Sukkah 32b. i.e., 12 thumbbreadths. A thumbbreadth (gudal; o...
SECTION 646 Laws Relating to the Myrtle. (1–14) 1 [The Torah speaks of] “a branch of a braided tree.” In the original, anaf etz avos (Vayikra 23:40); popularly, hadassim. See sec. 645:1 and footnote 1 of that section. The Sages Sukkah 32b. interpreted thi...
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