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Cheshbon HaNefesh

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Cheshbon HaNefesh: (lit. “an account of the soul”); a process of stocktaking and introspection with regard to one’s Divine service
On Memory, Remorse and Returning
How about someone who abandoned a religious lifestyle because she was abused by the authority figures of that system?
How to search through your past without falling into it
Proceed With Caution There’s a lot of bad advice going around this time of year. Dangerous advice. The Internet is full of it. So is your synagogue. Maybe even your favorite rabbi. Look, they mean well. But they’re often completely unaware of the hazards ...
There are far better ways to spend Yom Kippur than being sucked into a black hole.
Why waste the holiest day of the year dwelling on everything you messed up?
I grew up in a very emotionally cold environment. My parents showed very little love or affection, and they couldn’t tolerate when either I or my siblings showed emotion. The result being that I have a hard time now dealing with my emotions...
The attitude of "last year was bad" is wrong, a lie.
The average thief’s deed consists of straightforward dishonesty and evil. The one with the false measures, on the other hand, is professing to the world that he is honest
As we line up at the Supernal Till, it's time to reflect on this year's journey. Did we rush through the aisles collecting stuff, or did we stop to greet the friends we met en route? What have we loaded in our life's trolley?
I've been told that in the month of Elul, we are supposed to do a cheshbon hanefesh – "an accounting of the soul." Though I have a bachelor's degree in mathematics, I still can't figure this one out.
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