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Chazan: (lit. "cantor"); one who leads the congregation in prayer
With Cantor Joseph Malovany
The chazan plays a central role in the High Holiday services leading the congregation in prayer. As we prepare for Rosh Hashanah, renowned chazan, Joseph Malovany reflects on the special role of the cantor and his experience singing around the world to in...
I recently started attending synagogue services on a regular basis. After we pray the Amidah silently, the chazzan (cantor) repeats it word for word. Why?
How a Cantor Gets Ready for the High Holidays
Preparing for his yearly stint as a High Holidays "chazan," Cantor Aryeh Leib Hurwitz of Brooklyn talks about what it takes to pray for a congregation of a thousand.
What Does Amud Mean? Amud is Hebrew for “pillar,” and is related to the root word of amidah, which means “standing.” Here are some of its meanings: Prayer Lectern In common Yiddish and Hebrew parlance, amud refers to the lectern in the front of the synago...
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