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Bimah: (lit. "platform"); raised table at which the Torah is publicly read in the synagogue, and from which a sermon is often delivered
What is a Bimah? The Hebrew word bimah means “platform” and refers to the platform in the center of the synagogue from which the Torah is read. It also refers to the reading table. In some (smaller) synagogues, the reading table may be placed directly on ...
The placement of the Shul Bimah
Question: I just attended a synagogue for a bar mitzvah, and I was surprised to see that the podium where the Torah is read is in the center of the sanctuary, facing forward. In the synagogue where I grew up, it was in the front. Does it make a difference...
Parshat Terumah
The synagogues and study halls in the Diaspora are considered “miniature sanctuaries.” For this reason, we find that some of the physical characteristics of the Holy Temple are to be incorporated into the building of a synagogue . . .
Interpretations of archaeological, visual and textual evidence
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