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Beit Din

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Beit Din: (lit. "house of law"); rabbinical court
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The beit din still has an important function today.
You don't need to be an attorney to answer these questions correctly.
Rashi’s comment at the very beginning of our Torah portion seems over complicated.
Let’s explore the Jewish court system, from the ancient Sanhedrin to modern-day rabbinical courts.
The Beth Din and Secular Courts
Understanding the system of a rabbinical court, and how it intersects with secular law. When should a Jew report another to the authorities and/or file suit in the secular justice system vs. in rabbinic courts (beth din), and specifically in relation to t...
Hearing only half a conversation and drawing conclusions can be dangerous.
Women Learn Sefer HaMitzvot
By the Grace of G-d 18th of Cheshvon, 5724 Brooklyn, N.Y. [November 5, 1963] Greeting and Blessing: This is to acknowledge your letters of Oct. 29th and of the 31st. For the most part, they have been answered already in my previous letter, which I trust y...
B.H. 4th of Sivan, 5723 Brooklyn, N.Y. [May 27, 1963] Sholom uBrocho: I received your letters in which you write also about the question of Rabbi Shemtov's accompanying the flight. This is a question which is entirely up to Rabbi Shemtov and the Merkos to...
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