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Amen: (lit. "so be it"); response given after hearing a prayer or blessing and at certain points during the prayer service; expresses concurrence with what has just been said
According to the Talmud, Shevuot 36a. the Hebrew word "amen" (pronounced "ah-men" or, in Ashkenazi pronunciation, "uh-main") is related to the word "amanah," meaning truthfulness, credence or belief. When we hear another reciting a blessing we respond wit...
The special power of this one word!
Practical Parshah - Haazinu
The meaning of the word "Amen," when to say it, and why.
Be sensitive to the meaning of the words "G-d, faithful King," the soul of the word Amen.
1. Before one utters a benediction, he must be sure he selected the proper one, for when he utters G-d’s name, he should consider for what he is thanking G-d. 2. He should do nothing else at the time, but concentrate on the significance of the words, and ...
What is Amen? When to recite Amen; when to refrain from saying amen; the laws of Yehie shmie Rabbah
The rules of blessings on foods are intricate. Here are some of the most basic rules.
Yesterday, we were hanging out on our friends’ porch. Suddenly our host exclaimed, “There’s a rainbow!” “Where, where?” said the kids. “There,” said I. “Where, where?” said the kids. “There,” said I. “Where, where?” said the kids. “There,” said I. “See th...
How to Answer 'Amen'
The Talmud turns its discussion to the proper way to recite 'amen.' What are the common ways in which the 'amen' response is rendered incorrectly?
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