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Aleinu: (lit. "it is our duty"); concluding prayer of each of the daily services
Discussions on Prayer, Lesson 51
The popular prayer of ‘Aleinu’ – the final prayer – conveys the fundamental values of Judaism. Firstly, praise for being a unique people with a unique mission, the unique unity of G-d, and the hope for the time when G-d’s presence will be fully realized i...
I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been uncomfortable spitting during the Aleinu prayer. Or maybe you’re not Chabad and you don’t spit. If that’s the case let me explain this dandy little custom.
Understanding Prayer
An exploration of the concluding prayers following the Amidah, helping us bring the inspiration from prayer into all areas of our lives. The prayers of Confession and Supplication, Ashrei and Uva L’tziyon, the Song of the Day, Ein Keilokeinu and Aleinu.
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