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Aggadah: (lit. "lore or narrative"); the portions of the Talmud and Midrash which contain homiletic expositions of the Bible, parables, stories, maxims, etc., in contradistinction to Halachah
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The Desert Mentality, Part 1
There are sections in the Talmud known as Agadata, which relates interesting stories, powerful parables, and coded messages. In this class we look at a truly spectacular tale with Rabba bar bar Chana, where he encounters the generation of the desert.
Introduction to Talmudic Tales
Gain insight into a completely different section of the Talmud, known as Aggadah or Aggadata, which contains much more than halachic legal discussions and rational analysis. In this introduction to Aggadata, we explore the style, makeup and significance o...
A clear explanation of what our Torah’s sacred stories, known as Midrash, are and aren't. This brief overview of the origin and development of Judaism's oral traditions provide clarity on shadowy drama and colorful narratives whose messages are largely mi...
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