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Agag: King of Amalek. At G-d’s command, communicated through the prophet Samuel, the Saul-led Israelite army killed the entire Amalekite population—aside from Agag, who was spared and taken captive. After chastising Saul for allowing Agag to live. Samuel himself executed Agag.
The ancient enemy of the Israelites, who lives on as a metaphor for scoffing and doubt.
For the haftarah of Zachor, From the Teachings of the Rebbe
The haftarah begins with Samuel the prophet giving G‑d’s command to Shaul to utterly wipe out Amalek.
A biblical history of the Jews
Following the passing of Samson, the Jewish people were led by a high priest named Eli, who ministered in the sanctuary in Shiloh. After Eli’s death, the prophet Samuel becomes the leader of the Jewish people, until he anoints Saul as the first king of Is...
Why does Mordechai insist that Esther risk her life in approaching the king if he knows that there is no danger to the Jewish nation?
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