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Ahasuerus: (4th century BCE) King of Persia, husband of Vashti and Esther. At the advice of his minister Haman, he issued a decree that all Jews should be killed. At Esther's insistence, he issued a second decree, allowing the Jews to defend themselves, rendering the first decree ineffective, as recorded in the Scroll of Esther which is read every year on Purim.
The Talmud on the Megillah, Lesson 6
Delve into the opening words of Megillat Esther in this fascinating Talmud class, which reads into names with incredible depth and insight. Get a peek into the twisted soul and psyche of this ancient Emperor whose royal ambition, ruthless military conques...
Purim, 5732 · February 29, 1972
"On that night the king's sleep was disturbed…" Taken literally this verse refers to King Achashverosh. But the Midrash explains a deeper dimension: "The sleep of the King of the universe was disturbed" - G-d Himself "woke up."
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