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Meir, Rabbi

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Meir, Rabbi: (2nd century CE) Mishnaic sage, also known as Meir Baal Hanes (“Meir, the Master of the Miracle”), husband of Beruriah and son-in-law of Hananiah ben Teradion. Student of Rabbi Akiba, Rabbi Ishmael, as well as Elisha ben Abuyah. As a general rule, any Mishna that states a halachah anonymously is assumed to represent the view of Rabbi Meir. The Talmud testifies that his intellect was so keen, that his sagacious colleagues were unable to plumb the depths of his ideas.
Rabbi Meir was a disciple of Rabbi Akiba. He was called Rabbi Meir because he enlightened the Sages with his great scholarship. (Meir comes from the word "Or" light). He belonged to the third generation of Tannaim after the destruction of the Beth Hamikda...
Chapter 9 of Positivity Bias
Judaism does not believe in freedom of speech. There are certain ways of speaking about other people that are forbidden or discouraged. This heightened sensitivity to language is based on a profound respect for its power. Ultimately, words matter. Kabbala...
Chapter 8 of Positivity Bias
R' Yochanan ben Zakkai, a great Talmudic Sage and leader, once sent his students out into the world to ascertain the best advice for living a righteous and fulfilling life. When his student R. Eliezer ben Horkenus returned from his travels, he reported: “...
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