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Eruv: (lit. “merging”); one of several rabbinically-instituted procedures, executed before Shabbat or a holiday, for the purpose of: (a) permitting people to carry in certain areas where it would otherwise be forbidden by rabbinic law; (b) extending the normal boundaries, to permit one to walk distances that would otherwise be forbidden by rabbinic law; (c) permitting one to cook for the following Shabbat day, when the festival day falls on Friday
The Talmud on a Kosher Sukkah
Having initiated our study of tractate Sukkah with the first Mishna that provided general details of the parameters and dimensions required for a kosher Sukkah, in this second class we begin the classic Talmudic investigation of the Mishna’s rulings. Firs...
The melachah of carrying and transferring
Sukkot and Self-Transcendence
The power of the sukkah to release us from our emotional attachments to the material world and make us available for intimate relationships with others.
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