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Eruv: (lit. “merging”); one of several rabbinically-instituted procedures, executed before Shabbat or a holiday, for the purpose of: (a) permitting people to carry in certain areas where it would otherwise be forbidden by rabbinic law; (b) extending the normal boundaries, to permit one to walk distances that would otherwise be forbidden by rabbinic law; (c) permitting one to cook for the following Shabbat day, when the festival day falls on Friday
The literal meaning of the word is blending or intermingling, but that really does not tell us much... Some think that an eruv has something to do with baby strollers—and to a certain extent they are right...
There is a way to make large public areas and even whole cities into one private domain. It usually involves some poles, wiring, and some food...
Learn some laws regarding carrying during Yom Tov.
How does an eruv work?
If the Torah says that carrying outside is forbidden on Shabbat, how can a few barely-visible wires make a difference?
One of the 39 categories of creative work is "transferring from domain to domain" (also called "carrying"). Basically this means that we do not carry any object -- anything from a piano to a house key -- from a "private domain" (an enclosed area such as a...
A brief summary of some of the Shabbat laws you are most likely to encounter, such as writing, shopping, carrying in the public domain, and business transactions
There are seven mitzvahs that the prophets and rabbis of the ancient judicial courts initiated during the first millennium after the giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai.
The Talmud on a Kosher Sukkah
Having initiated our study of tractate Sukkah with the first Mishna that provided general details of the parameters and dimensions required for a kosher Sukkah, in this second class we begin the classic Talmudic investigation of the Mishna’s rulings. Firs...
The melachah of carrying and transferring
When we, G-d forbid, hear that something horrible befell another individual, do we feel their pain? Or do we simply move on with life?
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