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Gaza Strip

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Reflections of an Israeli Military Chaplain
Jewish optimism, idealism and chutzpah -- from the Sderot rocket attacks to Jacob's dream.
You seriously want me to pray for "our beleaguered brothers and sisters in the Holy Land"? They have created the mess they now deplore and have subjugated 1.5 million Gazans to three years of inhumane and intolerable hell…
"To the north is Gaza City. To the south are the refugee camps, Nusayrat, Dar al Balah, Khan Yunis and Rafah. Don't approach the fence and no sudden movements at night,"
I took families out of their homes forever, I put them on buses that took them to nowhere. I remember every picture that I took down from the walls of their homes in Gush Katif. I remember every girl, every young woman and mother who I instructed to leave...
"Torn Together" by Tzvi Freeman... "The Expulsion of the Jews" by Levi Brackman... "The King's Gift" by Yaakov Paley... "Unbreakable Faith" by Chana Weisberg... and more
Gush Katif is connected to the 'right leg' of Yehuda and Israel
Gush Katif is connected to the 'right leg' of Yehuda and Israel
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