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King Joash of Judea

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King Joash of Judea: Son of King Ahaziah. Reigned from 700-661 BCE. He alone survived the massacre of his entire family that followed the death of his father, perpetrated by his grandmother Athaliah, who killed all descendants of King David to secure the crown for herself. One-year-old Joash was hidden in the Holy Temple and protected by his uncle Jehoiada the high priest. Six years later, Jehoiada orchestrated a coup against Athaliah and crowned Joash as king. Under Jehoiada's guidance, Joash raised funds to repair the Temple and eradicated idolatry from Judea. After Jehoiada's death, the nation reverted to idolatry. Hazael, the King of Aram, threatened to attack Judah, and Joash sent him the treasures from the Temple to ward off an attack. Joash was assassinated by his own soldiers.
A biblical history of the Jews
After the split of the monarchy, the descendants of King Solomon rule over the Kingdom of Judah in the south. In this lesson we learn about the reigns of the kings from Rehoboam through Joash.
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