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Chessed; Acts of Kindness

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Marriage is a voluntary institution; a married individual must continually choose to stay with his or her partner. When kindness is abundant within the relationship, the choice to stay together is easy...
I'll never forget that guy. There we were, selling lemonade on the side of the road. Twenty-five cents a piece. We had already made a few bucks for a few hours work. Not too shabby. But that guy—well, he just changed everything.
You may have been wondering why I have not written for the past month. No, it’s not because the kids stopped saying cute things; nor have I lost the desire to keep you in the loop. So, what has driven a wedge between me and the laptop? The answer is that ...
Stick Figure Vignette: Parshat Ki-Tavo
A man and his stomach have a party.
Now, on orders from the Big Boss, Heaven Disincorporated offers you the opportunity to partner in this cosmic venture of giving life. For every penny you give to sustain a life in your microworld, Heaven Disincorporated pledges to zap your macroworld with...
Tests revealed that participants were wrong about the impact of money on happiness. A significant majority thought that personal spending would make them happier than pro-social spending...
Give a coin to a pauper, although you do not owe him anything. G-d will reciprocate in kind, granting you abundant blessings, although He owes you nothing. Adapted from a letter of the Rebbe, of righteous memory.Vol. 29, p. 11.
It turns out that the "six financial milestones before thirty" aren't only financial, and aren't only for thirty-year-olds. But these milestones are six wise principles for leading spiritually meaningful, successful—and enriching—lives.
This "fairy" is a master tzeddakah-giver, and encourages others to give, too.
Artist’s Statement: The mitzvah and kindness of a young girl giving tzedakah (charity) to a needy man transforms an otherwise dark street scene into a bright place, signified by the glow between the two figures creating a strong connection.
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