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Chessed; Acts of Kindness

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Mondays with Tal
From the moment I met him, I knew that Tal was someone special. But I could never have imagined how our relationship would shape my life.
As the Rebbe’s chassidim waited worriedly for him to arrive, he was climbing deep into the woods, with a sack on his back, to chop down wood...
Out of nowhere a well-dressed, kind-looking woman appeared. She smiled and said, “I can lend you the money, and you can pay me back at your convenience . . .”
As weeks turned into months, it seemed that my relationship with Yetta was over. I was soon proven wrong. One day, I received an official envelope in the mail from the city hospital Yetta lived in. The letter was headed, "Dear Family Member of Yetta G."
The door creaked on its hinges as Rabbi Lippman hurried to open it for the band of strangers. The men were dressed in rags and tatters, their beards had grown wild...
Even though Basia was occupied with supporting her family, three times a week she would make the long trip to visit her husband.
At one point during the trip, the horse suddenly changed course and took her own route, going back in the direction from where they had come.
“When I was about three years old, the war broke out. I was too young to know why things were so hard, but old enough to know that every egg and every piece of fruit was a real treasure.”
Yisrael lived in Ramat Gan, Israel, where he had his own little house and small farm. He was a chicken farmer and had enough laying chickens to provide him with a modest income for himself and family. He was neither rich nor poor, but he was very generous...
An 8-year-old girl’s suggestion saves a kindly man’s life
An 8-year-old girl’s suggestion saves a kindly man’s life
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