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Og: King of Bashan, an Emorite nation situated on the northern edge of the eastern bank of the Jordan River. Killed in battle by the Israelites shortly before Moses’ death. According to the Midrash, he was a giant who survived the Flood.
Eliezer, the faithful servant of Abraham, is mentioned by name only once in Scripture, but there is lots to know about him.
I have undertaken to commit my life experiences to writing, so that my place in history is not forgotten.
This has been the story of our history ever since. They think they can squash us. They think we are weak. They never succeeded. They never will.
Who was Og, why was Moses afraid of him, and what this teaches us about the protective power of a single act of kindness
At the end of the parshah of Chukat the Torah tells of the battle with Og, the giant king of Bashan: And they turned and ascended by way of Bashan; and Og, king of Bashan, came out to meet them--he and all his people--to wage war at Edrei. Then G-d said t...
Which famous biblical personalities had noteworthy birthdays? Starting with the first created humans, we chronicle some of the historic Jewish birthday moments.
Instead of pouring his fear out and onto his people, Moses strapped on a face of calm and fortitude, and went around tranquilly planting seeds of serenity in the Israelite camp...
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