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Leadership & Authority

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Moses, my master, annihilate them (11:28) "Annihilate them" - Appoint them to a position of leadership, and they will deteriorate of their own accord… - Rashi's commentary After the passing of Rabbi Shmuel of Lubavitch, the elder chassidim gathered and de...
The first step forward is to know where you are now.
Better advice from a human being that cares than an angel in heaven.
To lead, you need only to discover which way is forward, and begin moving in that direction.
Appointing Judges
Deuteronomy 16:18 "Appoint judges and officers in all your gates" The Torah contains laws and rules governing every aspect of our lives. It deals not only with how we pray in the synagogue, but how we should grow our crops, run our businesses and set up l...
At the time of the disarmament talks in the U.N. (January 1992): On the wall outside the United Nations building, the nations of the world have inscribed their goal, the words of the Prophet Isaiah, “They shall beat their swords into ploughshares and thei...
Skeptic: This Moshiach of yours is a king, right? Believer: That is correct. Skeptic: So we're back to totalitarian rule, to monarchs who reign by Divine license. I thought we got over that a few centuries ago. Believer: Other than the fact that they're o...
Slavery in Egypt. The Exodus. Receiving the Torah. The 40 years in the Torah.
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