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Machloket (Torah Debate)

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Machloket (Torah Debate): (lit. "debate" or "dispute"); in Torah, a dispute between two differing opinions on a legal interpretation
Understanding the origin of disputes in Jewish law and how they evolved, and the process by which they’re resolved.
When division becomes a virtue
Our Sages declare that Korach and his followers are the symbol of divisiveness that "will not ultimately endure"; whereas the dissenting views of Hillel and Shamai represent a virtuous difference of opinion "that will ultimately endure". But why would arg...
Resolving matters of halachic dispute
Is the Torah’s process for determining halachah an attempt to arrive at the one true answer, or are there multiple truths?
When is it permitted to instigate a dispute?
This class explores the fascinating topic of arguments in Halacha. Which kind of disputes are permitted and even encouraged, and the permissibility of deviating from an accepted custom if it may lead to a dispute.
Hillel and Shammai – Lesson 1
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