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Machloket (Torah Debate)

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Said Rabbi Eliezer: "If the law is as I say, then may the walls of the house of study prove it!" The walls began to fall in. Rabbi Joshua rebuked them. "If Torah scholars are debating a point of Jewish law, what are your qualifications to intervene...?"
When is it permitted to instigate a dispute?
This class explores the fascinating topic of arguments in Halacha. Which kind of disputes are permitted and even encouraged, and the permissibility of deviating from an accepted custom if it may lead to a dispute.
Instability caused by Roman Emperor Domitian’s temporary breakup of the Yavneh assembly resulted in a number of disputes that created dissension among the Torah scholars.
Hillel and Shammai – Lesson 1
The Schools of Hillel and Shammai
Presented in a style accessible to beginners, this series analyzes the difference in opinion between the schools of Hillel and Shammai by studying dozens of specific cases from their primary text in the Talmud.
Question: I have noticed that people place the mezuzahs on their doorposts on an angle. Is there a reason for this? Reply: Yes, indeed. In Ashkenazic tradition, the top of the mezuzah is inclined towards the inside of the room, and the bottom towards the ...
Hillel and Shammai—Lesson 7
Hillel and Shammai—Lesson 6
Hillel and Shammai—Lesson 5
Hillel and Shammai—Lesson 4
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