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Ultimately brilliance can be a handicap, we can become straitjacketed by what we know...
Who would have expected that the least used letter of the alefbet could contain one of the greatest secrets of the universe? And who wouldn't have known that Rabbi Infinity could explain even that secret to a four-year old?
The secrets of the universe are revealed in the act of teaching a four year old to ride a bicycle as Rabbi Infinity demonstrates in real life the wisdom he taught us in "Secret of the Bagel."
Creating something from nothing
G-d creates from "Nothing" because nothingness, ayin, actually means absolute, infinite possibility. And as a beings created in the image of G-d, we, too, can create "something from nothing"
Fundamental questions are answered as we demystify classic mystical texts. (with Tzvi Freeman and Simcha Kanter)
A chassidic meditation on the ambiguity of Achashveirosh in the Megillah and of G-d in the world
Part 1: Kingship and Theology in the Purim Story Of all the major characters of the Purim story, the megillah, the most ambiguous is King Achashveirosh. On the one hand, he is the only character who features throughout the story. Everything revolves aroun...
The highest sefira -- the crown of the will.
The highest sefira -- the crown of the will.
Wisdom and the potential to be.
Wisdom and the potential to be.
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