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Chabad House

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Chabad House: an outreach center established by a Chabad-Lubavitch emissary
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On the morning of October 4, 1998, a determined Rabbi Shalom Greenberg woke up with only one thought on his mind—building a sukkah. He did not expect to get arrested, but that is nearly what happened...
Aliza Silberstein
A rare peek into the everyday life of a Lubavitch emmisary to Russia's Far East...
A Chabad House is a Jewish community center in the truest sense of the term-the nerve center of all the educational and outreach activities of the Chabad-Lubavitch lamplighter, serving the needs of the entire Jewish community
A passionate talk describing the events that had a strong and lasting impact. (Recorded at a tribute event for the Rebbe in Seattle by Chabad of Washington State)
Late Friday afternoon, the sun begins to set behind the San Francisco Bay…
Unexpected Surprises at Chabad Jewish Center of Novato
When the Landa family moved to Novato, Calif., as Chabad emissaries, they got a welcome they never expected . . . from their mail carrier. Rabbi Menachem Landa shares some inspiring stories from his first year as a Chabad shliach (emissary).
They were not born supermen and superwomen. They were born regular people. They are regular people. But they are capable of remarkable things. How? Because they have a sense of purpose and mission, and the knowledge to act on it...
See to it that your Chabad House building is even bigger than you need for your activities now. That way it will challenge you every day: Why have you not yet filled the entire building with activities?!
An honest look at overcoming the unique challenges of today's youth
Rabbi Chay Amar takes an honest look at overcoming the unique challenges of today's youth, particularly on college campuses.
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