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Charoset: (from the Hebrew "cheres-clay"); a paste similar to clay reminiscent of the clay the Jews used while enslaved in Egypt, made of apples, nuts and wine, into which the maror is dipped at the Passover seder
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Of the six Seder Plate items, the proverbial Passover dip of pulverized fruit, nuts, seasoning and wine is perhaps least understood. In tracing the earliest documented sources we encounter a range of opinions and rationale, initially creating confusion; b...
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What is the meaning of the charoset at the Passover Seder? And why do two of the greatest halachic codifiers (Maimonides and Raavad) argue over whether we dip the matzah into the charoset? (Based on Likkutei Sichot, vol. 32, pp. 44–53.)
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