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Beitzah (Egg)

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Beitzah (Egg): (a) a hard-boiled egg used on the Passover Seder plate; (b) a tractate of the Talmud dealing primarily with the laws of the holidays
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I know all about the reasons for the matzah and maror (bitter herbs), but why an egg?
Short insights to make your Passover experience more meaningful
Until Sinai, we were all dressed up with nowhere to go. On Passover we emerged from the confines of Egypt like the egg that drops out of the hen. But only at Sinai were we hatched and born properly . . .
Click on the images for information... Go to The Official Seder How-To A hard-boiled egg. The Beitza is to remind us of the Chagigah (Festival Offering) in the Holy Temple We use two dishes, and Beitza: one as a reminder of the Passover Offering, and one ...
The olive yields its best oil when pulverized. As our physiotherapists tell us (with such compassion that I want to hit them!), “No pain, no gain” . . .
It is customary that the person leading the Seder wear a plain white garment, or kittel. Some maintain that the basis for this custom is that the kittel resembles a burial shroud and thus serves to remind one of the futility of vanity and pride. These com...
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