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Children and People with Special Needs

Knowledge Base » Human Being, The » Life Cycles » Childhood; Children » Children and People with Special Needs
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Goldie Shuman was born with FD, a rare genetic disorder, and lives by the grace of G-d and a team of medical professionals. Watch and be inspired by her incredible bat mitzvah speech.
David Mayer lives with his family in Los Angeles, California, where he was an executive in the toy industry. (Early 1980s)
An incredible story at the Friendship Circle’s art studio
Born with cerebral palsy and confined to a wheelchair, Felicia Bowers has limited control over her body. She cannot speak and rather uses a retina-controlled device called Tobii to communicate. But the 27 year old from West Bloomfield is drawing incredibl...
Changing the way we think about children with special needs
The Friendship Circle brings together teenage volunteers and children with special needs for hours of fun and friendship. These shared experiences empower these special children, while enriching the lives of everyone involved.
Friendship Circle at Chabad of Wisconsin
Enriching the lives of individuals with autism
The Friendship Circle of San Diego, a Chabad-Lubavitch organization that serves individuals with special needs by pairing them with volunteer teenagers and adults from the local community, has been recognized as one of the most innovative programs in the ...
May the merit of working with the Almighty’s children help you with your own daughter to have good news. And may the merit of the Holy Land assist you to have good news and much success.
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