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Children and People with Special Needs

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Question: I just found out my unborn baby will have Down syndrome. We already have our hands full our other kids. What will happen to the baby's soul if we abort it? Are we wrong for not wanting a child who is not perfect? Response: You ask whether it's w...
General Doron's Eulogy for His Son, Eran
From that terrible war that took my brother, Eran, you brought us to another war, a difficult and cruel battle that we had never before experienced. You taught us the most powerful lesson of our lives.
How did a boy who never spoke a single word bring about such powerful feelings and emotions, and are we capable of translating these emotions into a significant legacy?
A Camp that Inspires Giving
Hodaya, my sixteen-year-old, walked in last night, past midnight, after the first day of camp. She was so exhausted she could hardly speak. But she told me the name of her camper and she said to me, "Ima, this work is a lesson for life..."
Matching Special Need Children with Especially Loving Adoptive Parents
“We usually are given a matter of days to find a Jewish home, or the child will go to a church or some other non-Jewish situation,” says Steve Krausz of Denver, who together with his wife founded The Jewish Children’s Adoption Network (JCAN).
A Couple's Heartwrenching Struggle
I see her beautiful and content... but she says it's no more than her facade. There on that ground, soaked through with tears of joy and despair, she adds her own
The Friendship Circle--Special Friendships for Special Children
Everyone wants to belong. To be loved and appreciated. But for parents of children with special needs, finding a safe haven of friendship and social activities can be daunting.
Creating Harmony From Challenge
Like their mother, both Yisroel Meir and Eliyahu have chosen to be survivors. Both boys have defied medical odds that were stacked against them. With music, laughter, and above all, a deep, lasting love and faith, Yona and her sons have created a magical ...
A Tribute to Volunteers
They call her "special." But I call you, my dear volunteers, special. You are the ones who are extraordinary, unique, rare, different and so wonderful. You are the ones with special souls...
When Nissi Estrin was born, the doctor told his parents he wouldn't survive to see sunset. Five years later, Nissi continues to defy all medical odds, with an infectious love of life that encourages, warms and inspires. This film “The Impossible Child” wa...
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