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Bipolar (7)
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The man I am thinking of marrying can be very sweet and kind. But just when we are getting along well, he suddenly changes...
We went back to the psychiatrist and she saw right away what it really was. My beautiful, brilliant, funny, compassionate son was literally climbing her bookcases, screaming like a wild animal...
I wondered how she could look me in the eye and think that I had been stripped of my humanity and my agency. I wondered how she figured that any person with mental illness could somehow get by without humanity or agency...
The Pain of Mental Illness
All that was left of Matt's beautiful bride was a medicated shell of a human being whose brain had short circuited and whose soul had somehow disconnected...
Bashi was diagnosed with bipolar, depression, and anxiety as a young mother. Through her challenges, she discovered her power of belief in G-d, the gift of Chassidic teachings, and the power of meeting and sharing with others.
Allowing yourself to step into a new and healthy reality from a traumatic past is a bit like zip-lining: If you don’t jump off the platform with trust that on the other side of the dense foliage before you there is another platform, then you will never be...
I have a disability, but you would not know it by just looking at me or by having a brief conversation with me.
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