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Single Parent

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The beginning of her life does not and should not signal the end of yours.
I get no cooperation from my older son, which means no cooperation from my younger son, who is fond of imitating his big brother. I hate having to raise my voice before leaving the house instead of spending it happily with my children...
Maya asked a few questions, peered into cupboards and bedrooms in her best social-worker manner, and then left. I was sure we passed the test . . .
She sat back down to finish her homework and was seemingly on the road to recovery. But that is when the real tears began to fall and her body began to heave. I knew why instantly...
As a child of divorce whose father was awarded custody, my dad basically raised me. As a result, I felt well prepared to be a father, but not as prepared to be a mother...
I was widowed two years ago and have been left to bring up my two beautiful daughters alone. One is 9 and one is 7. They are both doing well at school, the problem I have is...
The Challenges of Being a Single Mother
“So does your son go the bathroom sitting down?” This question will forever top my list of “Things Not to Ask a Single Mother.”
Two years post-divorce, I had passed the initial shock and grief stages of my marriage’s dissolution. But I hadn’t yet found the way to infuse my lonely, meaningless existence with a measure of joie de vivre, or in Hebrew, simchat hachaim.
Since we’re in the same boat, let me suggest some tips that I found helpful . . .
Perhaps it was nostalgia, or me trying to recapture whatever it was that I may have lost, but I started looking through some of my writing from years ago—words and experiences from a different place, and a time when bottomless sinks of dishes and baskets ...
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